Liquid fuel systems offer a wide range of features and are designed to handle fuels in a number of different applications. We offer a comprehensive line of feed pump skids, flow and pressure control stations, filtration systems, fuel preheat systems, and flow metering systems. We also have a range of loading and unloading stations for rail, ship and truck.

Forwarding pump skids

  • These systems have been designed especially for supply of liquefied fuels to gas turbines
  • Pump protection filters, redundant Pumps as well as monitoring equipment ensure high operating safety
  • Design is carried out according to specific requirements of Customer

Flow and Pressure regulating Systems

  • these systems are applied for regulation of Flow or Pressure in various ranges of forwarding the fuels.
  • These systems are  installed on the one hand in the forwarding pipeline of a large-store tank as quantity-regulating station and also mainly in combination with flow measurement and filtrarion

Filter stations

  • These stations are applied for protection of system components and for filtering solids and turbid matter
  • Main application is for loading of large tank stores


Fuel preheating systems

  • These systems are manufactured for heating of crude oil and also Diesel fuel in order to provide required viscosity.
  • electric or steam-heated Preheaters are applied
  • Design is carried out according to specific requirements of Customer

Flow measuring systems

  • These systems are applied in various ranges as for instance for the following:
    • Consumption measurement of Turbines
    • Ship unloading stations
    • Truck unloading stations

Loading and unloading stations

  • These stations are used for unloading of tanker ships, tank trucks or tank wagons
  • Design is carried out according to specific requirements of Customer
Sulfate Removal Unit

Custom-made plants

Apollo offers customized equipment such as NOx pumping systems, condensate systems and brine pumping systems.

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Systems for Water Industry

Plants for water supply

Booster stations, container pumping stations or fire fighting systems from Apollo - for safe and reliable water supply.

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Automation Systems and Electrical Systems

Automation systems and electrical equipment

Low-voltage switchboard systems, pump control systems, process control systems and much more for the process industry.

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Lube Oil Systems

Lube Oil Systems

Apollo - Lubricating oil systems according to the latest standards and norms | High quality and long lifetime

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