We design and manufacture lubricating oil systems according to the latest standards and norms. Our systems are used in numerous industrial sectors and are suitable for a wide range of applications. The main task of the lube oil system is to deliver lubricants to the moving parts of the machine to prevent friction and wear. A well-designed and executed lubrication oil system increases machine lifetimes, reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity.

  • design and manufacturing according to API 614 or also manufacturer standard
  • use for oil supply of pumps, gearboxes, turbines, engines, bearings or similar

Plants for liquid fuels

Apollo offers a wide range of plants for liquid fuels. Starting from forwarding pump skids up to flow and pressure regulating systems.

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Sulfate Removal Unit

Custom-made plants

Apollo offers customized equipment such as NOx pumping systems, condensate systems and brine pumping systems.

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Systems for Water Industry

Plants for water supply

Booster stations, container pumping stations or fire fighting systems from Apollo - for safe and reliable water supply.

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Automation Systems and Electrical Systems

Automation systems and electrical equipment

Low-voltage switchboard systems, pump control systems, process control systems and much more for the process industry.

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