Customized systems from Apollo are perfectly designed to meet your application needs. Whether injector pump systems, condensate recovery systems, cooling water systems, brine delivery systems, injection systems or NOx pump skids - we have the right system for you.

Injector pump systems

  • Fields of application of these plants are among others the oil and gas industry
  • modular design of Stations by applying ISO Containers – combination of many containers into closed complexes.
  • Adaptation of parameters to various operating conditions by means of  variable speed control

Clean condensate systems

  • are used in the energy industry

NOx Pump Skid

Cooling water systems

  • These systems are used for circulation/ forwarding of cooling water in open and closed systems
  • A combination with dozing pumps or centrifugal pumps as well as with heating devices is possible

Brine pumping systems

  • These systems are designed especially for the application in salt mines for mine drainage, sprinkling and other applications

Plants for liquid fuels

Apollo offers a wide range of plants for liquid fuels. Starting from forwarding pump skids up to flow and pressure regulating systems.

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Systems for Water Industry

Plants for water supply

Booster stations, container pumping stations or fire fighting systems from Apollo - for safe and reliable water supply.

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Automation Systems and Electrical Systems

Automation systems and electrical equipment

Low-voltage switchboard systems, pump control systems, process control systems and much more for the process industry.

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Lube Oil Systems

Lube Oil Systems

Apollo - Lubricating oil systems according to the latest standards and norms | High quality and long lifetime

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