KRC - Offhore

Range of application

  • according to chemical standard ISO 2858
  • organic and non-organic chemistry, e.g. plastics, paints, soaps, fertilizers, oil production and oil refinement
  • process technology, e.g. power generation, waste disposal, flue gas desulfurization,  environmental technology
  • paper production, pharmacy, biotechnology

Operating data, characteristic curves

KRC - characteristic curves 1450 rpm
KRC - characteristic curves 2900 rpm
  • Q= 3.000 m³/h
  • H= 160 m
  • P= 16/25 bar
  • T= +180 °C

Design features and properties

  • single-stage, one-flow, normal-priming volute-casing pump with dimensions  according to DIN EN 22858 or ISO 2858.
  • the design fulfills the requirements of DIN 5199
  • standard features are the horizontal version with oil-lubricated bearing housing, axial suction nozzle and vertical discharge nozzle
  • optionally: vertical installation or block-type version with flanged motor
  • grease lubrication is available for special application cases
  • optionally an inducer can be installed for the improvement of NPSH value


  • grey cast iron
  • ductile cast iron, ADI materials
  • cast steel
  • 12 % chromium steel
  • austenitic steel
  • special alloys

Types of Installation

Design with Inducer

  • Inducer is an additional upstream impeller of screw type which provides very low NPSH values
  • Design of the inducers is selected according to specific application range of Customer
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