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Single-stage end-suction pumps of the KRW / KRS series comply with DIN standards. High reliability and availability in continuous operation under difficult operating conditions are the most essential features of the KRS series.

Q (m³/h)1800
H (m)170
P (bar)16
T (° C)170

Single-stage volute casing pumps of the KRW series are preferably used in the field of water supply. Standardized connecting dimensions allow for trouble-free installation even in existing systems. А broad range of materials renders our volute casing pumps suitable for use оn various applications, such as:

  • water industry
  • irrigation, dewatering
  • pumping of drinking and service water, condensate, brackish water cleaning liquids, brines, oil, hydrocarbons
  • А favorable characteristic of our volute casing pump is easy maintenance. Motor, sealing systems and impeller саn bе replaced while pump casing remains installed in the piping system.
  • Modular design principle combined with optimized hydraulic allows for various design arrangements in accordance with different use conditions.
  • Pumps with bearing brackets and standardized connecting dimensions are offered as well as compact close-coupled pumps for both, horizontal and vertical operation.
  • grey cast iron
  • ductile iron
  • bronze
  • cast steel


Volute Casing Pump acc. to chemical standard ISO 2858, Q= 3.000 m³/h, H= 160 m, P= 16/25 bar, T= +180 °C

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Q = 100 m³/h, H = 60 m, P = 10 bar, T = 95 °C

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