Systems for water management are an important part of the infrastructure for the population and industry. They are used to raise, pump and transport water. Apollo offers a wide range of different types of units. These include booster stations, precast concrete pump stations, container pump stations, fire water systems, sprinkler systems and other waterworks equipment.

Booster stations

  • Hydrophore systems, multi-pump station
  • systems with one or more frequency converters
  • own control system
  • adaptation of control system to specific requirements of Customer is any time possible
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    DEA-booster station

  • 800b_024.jpg

    DEA-booster station

Pump stations of ready-made concrete structures

  • basic vatiants of ground-floor installation, with basement as well as underground installation
  • combinations of many building structures into one functional unit, e.g. separate machine room, water tank
  • roof construction according to your requirements (flat roof, saddle roof, hip roof, sloping roof and according to Customer’s requirements)
  • front face according to your requirements (polymer plaster, clinker brick, half-timbered construction and according to Customer’s requirements)
  • technical high-qualty equipment according to your requirements

Plants for liquid fuels

Apollo offers a wide range of plants for liquid fuels. Starting from forwarding pump skids up to flow and pressure regulating systems.

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Sulfate Removal Unit

Custom-made plants

Apollo offers customized equipment such as NOx pumping systems, condensate systems and brine pumping systems.

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Automation Systems and Electrical Systems

Automation systems and electrical equipment

Low-voltage switchboard systems, pump control systems, process control systems and much more for the process industry.

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Lube Oil Systems

Lube Oil Systems

Apollo - Lubricating oil systems according to the latest standards and norms | High quality and long lifetime

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