160 Years of Tradition and Innovation | 1863 - 2023

From the foundation until today: 160 years of company history and the milestones that have characterized us.

A lot has happened in the last 160 years. Our company history began with an idea and its implementation. Since then, we have grown, changed, and reached new milestones. During our journey, we have experienced both triumphant milestones and difficult phases. Many ups and downs have made our company what it is today: an innovative, modern company with tradition.

In 1863, Carl Allendorf founded the Apollo-Werk company, which specialized in casting brass iron casings. This gave rise to the first metalworking company in Gößnitz. In the 1870s, Allendorf began to develop and produce agricultural machinery, which laid the foundation for efficient mechanical engineering. Soon after, the manufacture of water pumps and hand-operated slurry pumps was added. The Apollo factory expanded and gained a good reputation for its products, which spread beyond the German borders. The company developed into a handsome industrial enterprise with a wide range of products, modern manufacturing facilities, and its grey iron foundry. During the First and Second World Wars, however, production was extensively converted to military needs. In 1922, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company called APAG. Apollo already had experience in the production of pumps and expanded its production program to include various pumps and compressors. The pump series of side channel pumps was particularly successful. At that time, Apollo was the largest manufacturer of side channel pumps in the world. Between the end of the Second World War and 1990, Apollo experienced turbulent times. The company was dismantled and converted into a state-owned enterprise in 1948. There were many management changes in the 1950s and 1960s.
In 1973, the foundation stone was laid for the molded mask foundry, the largest investment project in Apollo's history. In 1970, Apollo became part of the Pumps and Compressors Combine and began producing large pumps for various industries worldwide. In the 1980s, Apollo developed new pumps and equipment in the field of domestic water technology. In 1990, the company was transformed into a limited liability company and had to completely reorganize itself in the early 2000s. Buildings that were no longer usable were demolished, others were renovated and employees were qualified. Apollo became a respected manufacturer in the oil and gas, power, and chemical industries.

The company continuously invested in new technologies and modernized its production facilities. Apollo developed into a high-tech company and expanded its expertise in pump and plant engineering. In 2013, Apollo celebrated its 150th anniversary and is today an experienced supplier of individual, reliable, and high-quality process pumps and system equipment for international customers in the oil and gas, power generation, and chemical industries.

We hope that we have been able to provide a little insight into our 160-year company history, and how we have become what we are today - an innovative and modern company with tradition. We have mastered many challenges and achieved triumphant milestones. But one thing is certain: We will continue to work hard in the future to offer our customers the best possible products and services.

We would like to thank our employees, customers, and partners for their support and loyalty. We are proud to be part of such a great community.


*Source historical content: Book „Apollo-Werke · Pöhl-Werke · Stahlgusswerk. Aus 150 Jahren Gößnitzer Industriegeschichte“ by Lothar Wagner