Apollo received a highly complex order from its long-standing Finnish customer Neste Oyj. This time, a high-pressure pump is manufactured for use as the main machine in a Unicracking plant (universal plant for splitting crude oil and its products) which was to be renewed.
The high application temperatures coupled with the system requirements in terms of pressures and volume flows made it necessary to find a technical solution with extremely high speeds.

In order to be able to operate this machine safely and for a long service life, special plain bearings is used both in the pump and in the motor and gearbox.

The refinery in Porvoo mainly produces biodiesel, gasoline and heating oil in four production lines with more than 40 production units. Due to modern automation, the refinery is one of the most efficient and versatile in Europe.

The high-pressure pump is equipped with a 1.2 MW drive and its own Apollo oil supply system (type ACS). Apollo also manufactured Apollo shut-off systems (type ADV) for the mechanical seals, taking into account the critical process application.

The large pump unit TGD-80D/8 feeds 168 m³/h heavy vacuum gasoil in the system to the reactor. The machine generates a pressure of 220 bar. The liquid is first preheated in the system before it is injected into the reactor.

Before delivery, the pump unit intensively tested at Apollo.
In addition to the functional efficiency on the Apollo test field, the pressure design was also successfully tested at 330 bar.

Once again, this highly complex order was placing with Apollo because of its expertise in custom machine design and its globally recognized experience in the field of supercritical process applications.