Injection pump for finnish refinery

Apollo received a highly complex order f



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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in all Company Divisions is one of the central tasks.
Apollo is certified according to ISO 9001 by TÜV Thüringen e.V..

Test fields for Pumps and Pumping Systems

Most up-to-date test stand units ensure application-real test conditions, such as testing with 50/60 Hz Motors; up to high power ranges we have at our disposal frequency converters and tests with voltage levels of 400 V up to 13 kV.
Our many-sided test stand enables the testing of complete pump units as specified in various Specifications and Standards.
Also in the range of System Engineering we have at our disposal Test fields for testing of complete pumping systems.

Temperature Test stand

Apollo is in posession of a High-temperature Test Stand for testing and checking of special design elements in the pumps.

  • Testing up to 450°C of liquid temperature is possible
  • Apollo ensures high process safety on high operating temperatures as well

Optimized Process Chains

Modern development methods of hydraulic and mechanical design of our products ensure highest quality and shortest lead time.
Continuous process chain from Modelling with 3D CAD Software via FEM and Casting Simulation up to the manufacture of patterns and ready-made parts via CAD/CAM Interfaces.
We develop, optimize and produce new Products within the shortest time. Based on that we are able to react to all requirements of our Customers in order to find the best possible solution for the Customer.

FEM Analysis

  • Application of Finite Elements Method for hardness calculation, thermal analysis and modal analysis (characteristic frequences)
  • Optimization of new components during design process – this ensures a high safety standard
  • Analysis of existing components for finding weak points and for optimization of material application
  • Virtual pototypes based on 3D CAD patterns reduce the development time and cost of new Products

Up-to-date Manufacture and Training

  • Annually we are training up to 10 Trainees in various Divisions of our company.
  • Training and qualifying of our own Specialists and investment in most up-to-date production equipment ensure constant development of our Company on the highest level.
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