Range of application

  • refineries
  • water injections
  • gas washer
  • offshore engineering
  • oil and gas industry
  • feed-water pumps
  • pumping brine

Operating data, Characteristic Curves

TL - characteristic curve
TG - characteristic curve
  • Q= 1800 m³/h
  • H= 2800 m
  • P= 300 bar
  • T= +420 °C

Design features and properties

  • heavy-duty design according to API 610, type BB5
  • multistage high-pressure pump of barrel version
  • the “pull-out” version ensures maximum serviceability. Barrel remains in the piping. The pump as an insert unit can be dismantled and serviced.
  • very short standstill time during maintenance work thanks to cartridge design
  • 1st stage designed as NPSH stage
  • sealing area designed according to API 610 / 682
  • centerline-supported
  • single impeller support depending on design


  • grey cast iron
  • ductile cast iron, ADI materials
  • cast steel
  • 12 % chromium steel
  • austenitic steel
  • special alloys

TL - Inline design

  • heavy-duty barrel design according to API 610, type BB5
  • inline arrangement of impellers
  • axial thrust compensation by means of balancing piston ensures reliable operation for wide application range
  • version of bearings: antifriction bearings or slide bearings

TG – Back-to-Back Design

  • API 610 requires stable rotor dynamics even on double clearance –
    a „back-to-back“ arrangement with bearing in the middle fulfills this requirement
  • suitable for high number of stages and high speeds even on small viscosity
  • small bearing loads by compensation of axial thrust
  • wear of casing wear rings has just very small influence upon axial thrust
  • pump is especially suitable for critical application cases and high speeds

Bearing configurations

  • Standard Version
    Radial bearings: antifriction bearings
    Axial bearings: antifriction bearings
    Ring oil lubrication
  • Variant
    Radial bearings: slide bearings
    Axial bearings: antifriction bearings
    Ring oil lubrication

  • Variant
    Radial bearings: slide bearings
    Axial bearings: slide bearings
    Pressure oil lubrication
    Type series: TL / TG

Pump type concept

160 bar
250 bar
350 bar


  • Q= 700 m³/h
  • H= 4200 m
  • P= 450 bar
  • T= +360 °C
  • version for speeds up to 6000 r.p.m.
  • as a result of speed increase reduction of number of stages and investment cost
  • special rotor design for high speeds
  • exact analysis of critical speeds ensures stable runability in the whole operating range
  • radial-axial slide bearings with forced oil lubrication
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