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Monday, 25. March 2019

Major Order for Russian Refinery

Extensive supply of process pumps according to API 610 to one of Russia's largest refineries

different pumps for OMSK

Since decades Apollo Gößnitz GmbH has manufactured process pumps and systems of the highest quality. With regard to individual problem solutions for customer-specific requirements, Apollo can provide flexible response due to many years of experience and a large range of pump types and sizes in its portfolio.Based on that, Apollo was ordered to supply 150 pump units to one of the largest oil refineries in Russia.

Difficult conditions and special customer requirements were a challenge for this major project, however for Apollo and his engineering know-how it was a solvable task. The requirement to use NACE-compliant materials was also no problem for Apollo and its sub-suppliers.Ferritic and austenitic cast steel as well as duplex and super-duplex steel and titanium were applied to manufacture these pumps. Apollo is one of the few companies who can offer titanium pumps according to NORSOK standard. Due to its high corrosion resistance and its properties to withstand even very aggressive liquids, titanium is a much sought-after but also a very expensive material. The material procurement and the casting requirements of titanium are a challenge for Apollo and its sub-suppliers, however Apollo can satisfy its customers in this field as well.

Since getting the order 2016, the Engineering was in a continuous process of quick implementation of special designs and new developments for this project. The first deliveries of individual pumps were carried out at the start of 2017. Special requirements to the auxiliary units, their piping and the use of noise enclosures were further challenges of this project. Apollo was also able to implement this without any problems. The scope of delivery includes process pumps according to API 610 of types BB1, BB2, BB3, BB5, OH2, OH3, VS1 and VS4. The pump types BB2 and OH2 are the largest scope of order.

The pumps are used for pumping various liquids in refineries. Liquids to be pumped include naphtha, sour water, diesel oil, hydrocarbons, propane/liquefied gases and feed water. The pumps are operated at temperatures from - 46 °C up to + 350 °C. In order to achieve optimum adaptation to all operating conditions, the pump range of type series ZPR (BB2) was extended or more specifically developed by several sizes and hydraulics. The sold OH2 pumps (Apollo type series KRH(L)) are used for fluids containing hydrogen sulphide and amines. Materials such as titanium or Ni-Resist cast iron according to NACE are used for these fluids.

VS1 pumps of the Apollo type HPVX were ordered for tank emptying. The challenge here was that 350 °C hot hydrocarbons with sulphur content had to be pumped, whereby the pumps could not be heated separately on site. The design of the pumps had to be such that the temperature shock could be absorbed without damage to the pump. In this case, special attention was paid to the rotating parts (especially the gap dimensions) in order to absorb the high temperature fluctuations. For this application, two identical HPVX pumps including measuring technology, motor and piping were ordered. The replacement pump is also connected to the system and kept warm. If the main pump fails, the replacement pump can be integrated immediately. Downtimes can thus be minimized and the system does not have to be shut down and cooled down in a time-consuming manner. Even during maintenance and service work on one of the two pumps, the system can continue to run and is therefore very customer-friendly. Due to the wide range of different Apollo pumps, every sector in the refinery can be served.

The largest pumps sold are the TGE (BB5) multi-stage high-pressure barrel pumps. The maximum casing pressure of this barrel pump is 235 bar and the drive power is 2.1 MW. Furthermore, two TLB barrel pumps (BB5) of different drive concepts were ordered. A pump with steam turbine drive and a motor-driven pump, which is used as a replacement pump in case of failure of the turbine pump, whereby the first pump is permanently supplied with oil by an Apollo lubricating oil system of type ACS. The steam generated in the plant process is used to drive the turbine pump. The steam turbine has a drive power of 550 KW. In this case Apollo was also able to impress the customer, because the energy savings meet the customer's requirements.

With its engineering Apollo is able to meet different customer requirements. By taking into account the design requirements, wishes and modifications of Customer can be implemented quickly and in a flexible way. Continuous further development of various type series and the high quality requirements at Apollo are also reflected in the order books.

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