Injection pump for finnish refinery

Apollo received a highly complex order f



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Apollo Company -
a Pionier of German Pump Manufacturing

  • 1863 established as Machine Factory and Foundry

  • The Product range included Separators, Pumps, Compressors and agricultural Machines.

  • Since 1920 specializing in development and manufacture of Pumps and Compressors.

  • After 1950 the Division for Pumps was very much extended. Production areas, equipment as well as capacity have been extended by many times.

  • The Product range was specialized for Power Plant Engineering, Chemistry and Process technology as well as for special cases.

  • Since 1990 the System Engineering Division was established additionally to the Division for Pumps and today this Division develops and manufactures Plant Fluid Systems and installs and commissions them on Sites worldwide.

  • Apollo today is a worldwide acting Company and manufactures top-quality Process Pumps and Plant Fluid Systems.

  • For this purpose Apollo is in posession of highly qualified Specialists, strong Engineering Departments and  complete range of modern manufacturing, checking and testing processes.

  • Due to long-term extensive work on qualifying and training of skilled workers, engineers and foremen Apollo has now a firm highly qualified Team which is able to implement very complicated and technically sophisticated Orders.
  • Since 2012 Apollo is a Member of HMS Group. 18 Production Companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Germany belong to the Group.
  • Apollo was celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2013.
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